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Transportation Risk Management 

The Right Coverage for the Right Price

         ...Because the wrong coverage at any price is STILL the wrong coverage.
 Whether you are a business owner looking to insure a building or a fleet of trucks,
              or an individual looking to insure your personal belongings, TRM has insurance
                                           programs to address each unique exposure.

     TRM has years of experience insuring both personal and business clients. Because of our years in the business of risk management, TRM understands that each client, while similar in their desires to be covered correctly, all have some type of exposure that is unique to them. That is why we take the time to understand those unique exposures and then offer them
"the right coverage for the right price".

     Because of changes in the regulatory environment, we have had to include expertise
in multiple fields that might not be offered at other insurance agencies.
A few examples of this include:

                                          • A fully staffed attorney firm in our office.
                                          • A full time Certified Director of Safety in our office.
                                          • A full array of HR programs including handbooks and
                                                on-site hiring and terminations.
                                          • Employee leasing to our clients, both staffing and PEO
                                         • A very aggressively priced payroll program that allows
                                                for time and attendance tracking by finger prints (no
                                                more "buddy system" for time clock punch-ins).

     All of these programs are offered to our clients to ensure that your bottom line profitability is being protected to the very best of our ability. As the regulatory environment changes,
so will our offerings. If we did not change with the times, we could not be confident in the
fact that we were offering you

 "The Right Coverage for the Right Price"

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